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Weekly News Report 22nd October 2021

Weekly News Report 22nd October 2021

Maths Week at Greystones Community College

To mark Maths Week, students participated in the annual Maths Olympiad. The Irish Mathematical Olympiad is a national mathematics contest for talented secondary school students, designed to cultivate a love of and appreciation for mathematics. This is achieved by giving students exposure to deeper, more challenging and more interesting mathematical problems than those typically encountered on the school syllabus. The Olympiad identifies outstanding learners and helps them improve their maths skills. It was exciting to see Greystones Community College students involved in this valuable programme and we look forward to seeing their progression in Maths throughout their school experience.

Athletics Success at Greystones Community College

Congratulations to all the Greystones Community College athletes that competed in the Wicklow Schools Cross Country Invitational Relay competition this week. The school took great pride in seeing the competitors on the medal podium at such a prestigious event. The winning teams were as follows: 2nd Year Boys (Silver): Callum Halpin Rooney, Sean Dowdall, Callum Anderson. 1st Year Boys (Silver): Morgan Durston, George O'Toole, Niel Sunnesh. 1st Year Girls (Bronze): Charlotte Brannelly, Ena Dowling, Seren Stamper Walshe.

Halloween Baking Competition

This week, Home Economics students had the opportunity to practice their decorating and baking skills in advance of the Halloween baking competition. The competition, open to all students in the school, received a large number of entries and the standard was exceptionally high, with a vast array of creative and spooky treats, including gingerbread headstones, intricately decorated skull cakes and even some cupcakes containing terrifying shards of glass! Winners will be announced soon and congratulations to all who took part.

Greystones Community College Science Club

Science Club continues to be a well-attended and very popular offering on the extra-curricular calendar at Greystones Community College. Most recently, the students involved have researched, developed and carried out experiments under the category 'Myths Busted', which saw them analyse information on different theories about the formation of the moon.

Another topic of interest has been the exploration of the heart, with students performing dissection and the review of scientific research. The findings were then used to inform their peers of the causes and risks associated with heart disease, under the heading 'Science and Me'. Further topics include 'How Things Work' ; here students explored the mechanics of a fire extinguisher and the science behind the make-up of carbon dioxide. Students also created 'elephant toothpaste'; a colourful foamy substance caused by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using yeast. Well done to all the inquisitive and motivated members of Science Club and special thanks to Ms. Devlin for leading it.

The Annual General Meeting of Greystones Community College Parents Association

The AGM will take place on Tuesday November 9th at 7.30pm at the school. All parents and guardians of current pupils are automatically members of the PA, and as such are cordially invited and encouraged to attend. All appropriate covid safety measures will be taken. At the AGM, a parent leadership team will be elected. If you are interested please email

Halloween Newsletter

A first term Newsletter has now been issued to parents. The newsletter is also available on the Greystones Community College website for interested parties. It provides an overview of all school events and activities which have taken place throughout the first half term.

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