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Supporting your child at GCC

Parent(s) & Guardian(s) often ask the question 'How do we support our child in secondary school'? There are many things parent(s) and guardian(s) can do such as keeping communication channels open, taking an interest in school life and maintaining high expectations for their children.

Click here for some information on supporting your child at secondary school

There are some guidelines and support documents available to download here which you may find useful:

Learning & Study:


1st Year study guidelines and advice

The transition from primary to secondary school

Learning & Memory Techniques

Graphic Organisers for Teaching & Learning

Other Areas:

Online Safety - A parents guide

Alcohol & Drugs - A parents guide

Below are some guides from Jigsaw (young peoples health in mind) that may be of interest to parent(s) and guardian(s):

Mental Health services for under 18s

Developing family routines

Supporting your teenager with doing homework

Screen time and young people

Anxiety and young peoplejigsaw_spunout_logo_200x200.png

Social Media, self esteem and young people

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