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Green Schools Leadership Team (GSLT @ GCC)

Green Schools Leadership Team (GSLT @ GCC)

Green Schools Leadership Team (GSLT @ GCC)

Monday 4th October

Hello Everyone:

Green Schools Leadership Team (GSLT) here, and we would just like to tell you all a bit about the Green School and what we would like to work towards. First of all the GSLT consists of 2 representatives from each base class. Each of the students who are on the GSLT have their own job, Ella will be our chairperson and Leonie is our secretary. Each Thursday at lunchtime, we will all meet with Ms. Buckley and discuss our action plan. Over the next few weeks we will be working on an environmental survey to see how much litter and waste is generated in our School. After we've got our results on how much litter and waste there is, over the year we will work to reduce those amounts.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have learnt a bit more about the Green Schools Leadership Team!

Written by:

Freya.C & Odhran.B.

Members of GSLT 2021 - 2022

1st year Representatives
1Byrne - Ben Higgins, Molly Clonan
1Milner - Jack Barlow, Angelica Di Tillio
1Carroll - O'dhran Burke, Freya Cox
1Hamilton - Ruby O'Reilly, Cael Owens
2nd year Representatives
1Buckley - Leonie Gerber, Ella Macek
1Creavin - Josh Moran
1Doyle - Naomi Wall, Antionette Burke, Zoe Gombos
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