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The Buaic-Chloch Award

The Buaic-Chloch Award

Greystones Community College will present a very special award at the end of each acadmeic year to two selected students who has excelled in all areas of school during the full academic year. The recipient will have personified the schools foundation stones of Respect, Excellence and Pride in all their school endeavours. The ‘Buaic Chloch’ is the name given to the Greystones Community College ‘student of the year’ award. ‘Buaic Chloch’ means peak or pinnacle stone and the winner of this award is considered by the staff of Greystones Community College to have reached the pinnacle of success and are worthy to be awarded as Students of the Year. Buaic Chloch award winners represent what is so special about our school and these students are ambassadors for GCC and role models for others as they strive to reach their potential, achieve excellence and take pride in their endeavours.

2022 Buaic Chloch Award Winners

Girls - Abigail Langrell & Izabella Di Ruzza

Boys - Morgan Durston & Andrew Gaube

2021 Buaic Chloch Award Winners

Girls - Naomi Wall

Boys - Callum Halpin Rooney

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Aug 25
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