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Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team

Greystones Community College has adopted a partnership approach with students. An active, democratically elected student leadership team has been established. Each class will elect 1 member onto the student leadership team and they will have regular meetings with school management as together we work towards achieving our vision. Greystones Community College will respect and value student's ideas and opinions and and will always involve students in decision making.

The Student Leadership Team for 2021-2022 is:

  • Haylie Foley
  • Naomi Wall
  • Hannah Atkins
  • Jayden Astbury
  • Jack Barlow
  • Teodora Bot
  • Leo Carrick
  • Seren Stamper Walsh

The work of the student leadership team is coordinated by Ms. Jessica Carroll.

Aug 25
School re-opens for 1st year induction
Aug 25
Induction for transfer students - All years
Aug 29
School re-opens for all 2nd & 3rd year students ONLY
Aug 30
Normal class timetable for ALL students
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