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The first cohort of new students at Greystones Community College have the unique and exciting opportunity to shape something very special. As the first students to be enrolled in the school, they will help to establish the culture of the college and set the expectations for future year groups to follow. We very much value and encourage student leadership, after all, schools are all about the students.

“It is not enough to simply listen to student voice. Educators have an ethical imperative to do something with students, and that is why meaningful student involvement is vital to school improvement.”

At Greystones Community College, we will encourage our students to be leaders and we will provide opportunities for students to develop these leadership skills so they can go on to make a difference in their communities. We offered our current students the opportunity to have their say and to describe what the school is like for prospective students. We feel this is the best way to find out about how what life is really like at Greystones Community College! Here is what they had to say!



"I have some advice for new students. We were all new in the school last year and we know what it feels like to be new and a little bit nervous at first. Do not worry! We all have more in common than we think. You will make lots of new friends and we will be here to support you if you need us. Everyone is always welcome at GCC!"



"I enjoy being a student in Greystones Community College. The teachers in GCC are very supportive in the way they teach. I enjoy the vast variety of subjects that there is to choose from. I also enjoy the afterschool activities such as football and the different sports challenges".



"In the lead up to starting secondary school at Greystones Community College, I was nervous but very excited at the same time. As I walked towards the front door, I felt welcomed with the teachers standing near by the door waiting for students to walk in. That feeling of being welcomed in the school community has not left since the very first day".



"When I started at Greystones Community College, I did not really know anybody. I made new friends quickly and the teachers were really welcoming to me. Everybody is very friendly, and I am enjoying having a different teacher for most subjects. It is fun having team sports after school and secondary school is not that bad after all!"



"Greystones Community College is a great school as it gives students the chance to be part of a brand-new school and form the foundations of our 3 cornerstones. The decision to choose a secondary school is always difficult one, and I believe Greystones Community College was such a good choice"!



"All the teachers here are really fun and able to have laughs and can relate so easily with the students. As a year group, we have all gotten really close and gotten to know each other because we are such a small group. We are also lucky because we will be getting a brand-new school building with new and modern equipment".



"I think Greystones college is a great school because everyone here is very nice and supportive to all students. There is lots of after school activities including sports or music or geography club. The change from primary to secondary school seems like a big change but you get used to it quite quickly".



"Greystones Community College is a great school for many reasons. For me are the teachers and staff are very kind and easy to approach as well as being great at their jobs. I also feel that the students here are very kind and nice people and I think the whole school is very well run and I never feel unsafe or uncomfortable while in GCC".



"For me, the best things about GCC is that all of my teachers are very helpful and because we are very small school everyone is friends. I think that because we are Greystones’ newest school, the teachers and students have a real interest in making GCC a secondary school which we can all be proud of".



"I have enjoyed every moment of school since I have joined Greystones Community College! All the teachers and staff are so kind. There is no need to be nervous or worried about starting as it is a great school. We are all really looking forward to meeting you!"

Aug 23
Welcome Morning 1st Year Students Only 09:30 - 12pm
Aug 23
Induction for Transfer Students 11am - 12pm
Aug 26
School re-opens for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Years only 08:25am
Aug 27
Classes as normal - All Students
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