Greystones Community College

Student Voice

The first cohort of new students at Greystones Community College have the unique and exciting opportunity to shape something very special. As the first students to be enrolled in the school, they will help to establish the culture of the college and set the expectations for future year groups to follow. We very much value and encourage student leadership, after all, schools are all about the students.

“It is not enough to simply listen to student voice. Educators have an ethical imperative to do something with students, and that is why meaningful student involvement is vital to school improvement.”

At Greystones Community College, we will encourage our students to be leaders and we will provide opportunities for students to develop these leadership skills so they can go on to make a difference in their communities. We offered our current students the opportunity to have their say and to describe what the school is like for prospective students. We feel this is the best way to find out about how what life is really like at Greystones Community College! Here is what they had to say!