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Interim Accommodation 2020-2021

Greystones Community College is currently in interim accommodation at Greystones Lawn Tennis Club, Mill Road Greystones, Co. Wicklow. We are delighted to be accommodated for the the 2020/2021 academic year at the Tennis Club and very much thank the Chairperson, Manager and Committee for their support. We are fortunate to have access to great facilities in Greystones Lawn Tennis Club.


Interim Accommodation 2021-2022 and 2022-2023

For the school year beginning in 2021, the Department of Education have filled two planning permission applications to Wicklow County Council. The first planning application for the 6 temporary accommodation units on the Rugby Club site. This application was submitted by the Department’s Project Management Team to Wicklow County Council on Friday, 11th December 2020. These units are intended for use by the Community College, including for specialist rooms and it is intended, pending a successful outcome to the planning application, that these units can be installed prior to the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

The Project Management Team will shortly be running the process for the procurement and installation of these 6 classrooms in parallel with the planning application. This will take 10-12 weeks to award of contract. Subject to the outcome of the planning process, the most realistic and earliest timeframe for the installation of these interim classrooms/specialist rooms is May 2021.


A planning application has also been submitted for a two storey interim accommodation block on the Eire Óg GAA site for Greystones Community College was lodged by the Department’s Project Management Team with Wicklow County Council on Tuesday, 26th January 2021. The planning reference number is 21/057. The accommodation block comprises of:

  • 16 classrooms
  • 1 SEN classroom
  • Staffroom & Admin Space
  • Art Room
  • Home Economics Room
  • Science Lab
  • Woodwork room
  • Engineering room

Eire Og.jpg

Again the Project Management Team will shortly be running a process for the procurement and installation of this two storey block of accommodation while awaiting the decision of the planning application. Currently, this accommodation is envisaged as a contingency for Sept 2021 should the full suite of accommodation on the Rugby Club site not be available.

Permanent School Building for Greystones Community College

In relation to the permanent build of Greystones Community College, The Department of Education has acquired a school site at Charlesland, Greystones to accommodate the new post primary school to serve the Greystones school planning area. The Department will also be working with the vendor to expedite a planning application for the new school while also completing the acquisition. However, due to commercial sensitivities it is not possible to comment further at this stage.

The project to deliver the permanent accommodation for the school is to be delivered under the Department’s Design & Build programme. Reaching agreement in principle in relation to the acquisition of the site is a key milestone for the delivery of the permanent accommodation. This will facilitate preparatory work on the design of the new school. The other key milestone will be obtaining planning permission and as indicated above the Department will be working with the vendor to expedite the planning application.

Map of Charlesland.jpg

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