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Weekly News Report 5th November 2021

Weekly News Report 5th November 2021
Weekly News Report 5th November 2021

Creative Schools Leadership Team at 'Planet or Plastic' Exhibition

This week, the Creative Schools Leadership Team visited the 'Planet or Plastic' exhibition in Dún Laoghaire, sponsored by SSE Airtricity and National Geographic. 'Planet or Plastic' is a provocative and inspirational story of the impact of plastic and our planet. Through powerful imagery, 'Planet or Plastic' makes the important case for the need to find a balance between using this material and protecting our environment. Additionally, the exhibition provides actionable steps visitors can take in their lives to responsibly reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse products with single-use plastic. We look forward to our Creative Schools Leadership Team using what they have learnt today to progress our Creative Schools Project 'Trasna na dTonnta'.

Greystones Community College Student of the Month Bunchloch Winners

Congratulations to the hard-working award winners who were presented with their Bunchlochs, to acknowledge their selection as Student of the Month for October. The award winners for 2nd Year were Haylie Foley, Grace Bennett and Naomi Wall. The 1st Year award winners were Isaac Carcone, Freya Cox, Abigail Langrell and Katelynn Anderson. These students left no stone unturned in their classwork, homework and overall contribution to the school.

Greystones Community College School Closure - 12th November

Per the school calendar, Greystones Community College will be closed for students on Friday, 12th November to facilitate staff training.

Staff Training on supporting our Gifted and Talented Students

In advance of the mid-term break, staff completed training in how to support and grow gifted and talented students in Greystones Community College. With a number of students identified in this category, the training provided ensures that these students are fully to reach their fullest potential, through a range of research based approaches to learning. Staff were enthusiastic in ensuring that each student are given ample opportunities for enrichment of their individual learning.

Halloween Reports

Students of Greystones Community College have now been issued with their Halloween reports. The reports contain contributions from each subject teacher, as well as feedback from Year Heads. They contain both assessment grades and formative feedback. A period of reflection now begins, as students, with parental and tutor support, will use the information provided to set academic goals and plan next steps in their schoolwork.

Maths Week 2021

Maths Week 2021 came to an end before the Mid-Term break. Well done to William Cash, 1st Year, on taking first place in the Maths Bee competition. Congratulations also to Jack Killilea who won the 2nd Year Maths competition. The week saw great enthusiasm from all students and participation was strong for all the planned activities across the week, from daily maths puzzles to the development of maths-themed scavenger hunts. The students of Greystones Community College demonstrated not only their commitment to improving their maths skills, but also in improving their problem solving and critical thinking abilities.

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Aug 25
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