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Junior Cycle Graphics

Junior Cycle Graphics

Graphics involves students in the development of a range of skills associated with the management of spatial problems and the graphical communication of spatial ideas and solutions. In Graphics, students in the junior cycle of post-primary education construct, and study the properties of, plane geometrical figures; they also develop skills in graphical communication using current standards and conventions, including drawing and sketching and the use of computer graphics. There is a project in Graphics which is worth 30% and the exam in June is worth the other 70%.

Subject Title: Graphics

Course Content:

  1. Producing drawings using drawing equipment, freehand sketches and computers
  2. Reading and interpreting drawings and diagrams
  3. Developing an understanding and appreciation of how graphics relates to the design and manufacture of products.
Who would this subject suit?

Graphics would suit everyone! It would particularly suit those who:

  • Have an interest in design thinking & problem solving
  • Like to think in a logical and creative way to communicate ideas graphically
  • Enjoy presenting neat and accurate drawings & sketches
  • Enjoy using CAD (computer aided design) to design, create and communicate projects/models/prototypes, appreciating how this is used in design & manufacturing of products
How is this subject assessed?

he written exam is made up of two sections:

  • Short answer questions - Complete on the sheet provided
  • Longer questions which require more detailed answers.. The longer questions allow you to show, in greater detail, the drawing and problem-solving skills you have learned.

There is also two CBAs (Classroom Based assessment) which will be carried out by your teacher in 2nd & 3rd Year

Careers linked to the subject?

There are a wide variety of career opportunities linked to Graphics such as:

  1. Architect
  2. Quantity surveyor
  3. Industrial designer
  4. Interior designer
  5. Graphic designer
  6. Landscape architect
  7. Urban & Regional planner
  8. Environmental designer
  9. Architectural Engineer
  10. Construction manager
  11. Technician
  12. Design & Technology educator

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