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Here in GCC, our staff are committed to school improvement and leaving no stone unturned as we build a school of excellence. We see the SSE programme playing a central role in how we implement teaching and learning strategies. We are committed that our SSE programme is target focused, evidence based, and adopts a whole-school approach in implementing strategies of best practise for teaching and learning.

We strive to use SSE as a guiding principle to help all our students reach their academic potential and to support our school planning.

Following a whole-school consultation, using various investigative strategies such as surveys, interviews and oral and written feedback, we have selected assessment as the focus for our SSE focus for 2020-2021.

Our staff play an active role in this process. There are four SSE sub-groups, with two staff members in each group who will oversee the successful competition of the six-stage approach to the SSE assessment cycle.

These groups include:

  1. SSE Core Team
  2. Survey Group
  3. Data Collection Group
  4. Monitoring Group

SSE Core Team:

Coordinating and supporting the overall work of each group, communicating with students, parents and management on the SSE strategies and goals, and developing strategies in which our targets can be successfully achieved.

Survey Group

To create and compile the necessary surveys for staff, students and parents that will support us in our evidence collection for a particular target and to survey again following the implementation of the strategy to assess its success.

Data Collection Group

To analyse the data compiled from the Survey Group and present the quantitative data before the action is taken and then again after the action has been adopted to measure progress.

Monitoring and Review Group

To monitor how successful the implementation of our chosen SSE action has been over a period of time, and to present suggested changes or adaptations to strategies where required.

Focus for SSE for 2020/2021: Assessment

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