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Year Heads

Year heads at Greystones Community College are responsible for monitoring the welfare and academic progress of all students in their year group. Each year group within the school has an assigned year head who works closely with all students in the group overseeing their academic performance, discipline, pastoral care and well-being.


Ms. Rebecca Wray (Year Head of 1st Year)


Mr. John Blake (Year Head of 2nd Year)


  • To organise regular assemblies for the year group.
  • To organise Class Tutor meetings.
  • To communicate with students and to emphasise the ‘open door’ policy of the school in relation to pastoral care.
  • To ensure that students are given responsibility within the school.
  • To communicate with parents following consultation with Class Tutor.
  • To monitor student records and follow up where appropriate.
  • To promote good attendance and punctuality in the year group.
  • To foster school and community spirit in the year group.
  • To keep the Principal/Deputy informed on developments in the year group.

In order to facilitate the best standards of behavior and academic excellence for all our students, each class is assigned to a particular Tutor Group. The Tutor is a staff member that assumes the role of overseeing a particular class group. The Tutors regularly checks the student journals and will make notes if a student is not reaching their potential. The tutor deals with minor breaches of the code of discipline and is supported in their role by a Year Head who is assigned to each year group.

Year Group Year Head Class Class Tutor
2nd Year Mr. John Blake 2 Buckley Ms. Micaela Buckley
2 Creavin Mr. Aaron Creavin
2 Doyle Mr. Ciaran Doyle
1st Year Ms. Rebecca Wray 1 Byrne Ms. Rachel Byrne
1 Carroll Ms. Jessica Carroll
1 Hamilton Ms. Victoria Hamilton
1 Milner Mr. Daniel Milner
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