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Remote Teaching and Learning

In light of the current climate surrounding Covid 19, it is fitting that a policy is in place for remote teaching and learning in the event that further restrictions or closures are imposed on schools. Our remote learning plan is in place to support staff, students and parents in how remote teaching and learning will be conducted should this need arise. Greystones Community College endeavours to make it very clear to all of our partners that the values that are instilled in all of our policies remain, no matter how we change our teaching and learning methodologies or the location of that teaching and learning.


Remote teaching and learning will take place through Greystones Community College’s online platform, Google Classroom. Each class will have their own Google Classroom where classes will be held remotely, assignments will be posted and teachers will communicate with their classes.

Each student will have their own google education account. This account will provide them with google services such as google docs and also unlimited online storage. Using this google education account, students will be able to access all of their saved material remotely from any device. All students have been instructed in the use of Google Classroom and Google for Education and are equipped with usernames and passwords. In the event that any issues are encountered, please contact the school at and our teacher with responsibility for ICT will support the student remotely.

The following introduction is provided for parents so they can support their son/daughter as they engage in online remote teaching and learning:

Remote Learning Introduction

Ten tips for Parents/Guardians during remote learning:

1. Establish routines and expectations

Agree a start time, maintain breaks and know when to finish. Look at your family’s schedule and figure out the best times for learning.

2. Choose a good place to learn

Help your son/daughter to make space for learning - It’s important to set up a quiet, clutter-free area

3. Stay in touch with the school.

Stay in touch with the school. Schools and teachers are happy to advise and support your role in your child’s online learning.

4. Help students ‘own’ their learning

Help your child to find ways to work and learn which best suit them. Work with their strengths and celebrate achievement.

5. Check in regularly

Be familiar with the school’s learning plan and check in with your child each day to discuss how you can help.

6. Plan for balance

Plan some exercise, activities, and non-screen time. Provide healthy meals and snacks. Manage stress by encouraging them to talk.

7. Remove distractions

Make a list of the things that distract your child (social media, TV, pets…). Then, find ways to limit them during learning time.

8. Plan for shared use of devices

If you have only one device, plan for who gets priority and when. Aim to support work in bursts of 30/40 minutes

9. Talk to other parents

Other parents are a great support. Share ideas, tips and/or concerns.

10. Remember to encourage your child to stay connected with friends

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