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The Bun-Chloch Award

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Greystones Community College will present a very special award every month to a selected student who has excelled in all areas of school life. The recipient will have personified the schools foundation stones of Respect, Excellence and Pride in all their school endeavours. The ‘Bunchloch’ is the name given to the Greystones Community College ‘student of the month’ award. ‘Bunchloch’ means foundation stone and the winner of this award is considered by the staff of Greystones Community College as key foundation stone in realising our vision and creating our new school. Bunchloch award winners represent what is so special about our school and these students are ambassadors for GCC and role models for others as they strive to reach their potential, achieve excellence and take pride in their endeavours.

Each award winner is presented with a personalised ‘Bunchloch’ by their Year Head and Class Tutor at a full year assembly to mark their achievements to date in school. The ‘bunchloch’ takes the form of a grey stone which is marked with the students name and date of award. Bunchloch winners also receive a certificate, accompanying Year Head letter and photograph to mark their success. The student brings home their ‘Bunchloch’ and keeps it in a prominent place at home for the year. It represents our pride in the student’s achievements and is a visual reminder of the importance of continuing to ‘Leave no stone unturned’ in their learning.

At the end of the year, all 8 monthly ‘Bunchloch’ award recipients are then put forward as potential nominees for the pinnacle accolade in Greystones Community College which is termed the 'Buaic-chloch' award. The Buaic-chloch is presented to two students (one male and one female) who are selected as students of the year.

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Bunchloch Hall of Fame 2023/2024

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